With the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of computers in every walk of life, the importance and acceptance of e-books have grown at an astronomical pace. Our services for e-books include a vast range of activities that cover partial, as well as full support towards the development of research. These activities serve as an indispensable part of the research process.

At Ph.D. Box, we offer books that can guide you at every stage of research. These are a must for every research candidate who is pursuing his/her Ph.D. study. These books can be availed both as hard copies and e-books. The following books are available.

  • Research Topic: How to select the right topic
  • Grant proposal development tips
  • Questionnaire design
  • Research Methodology in a nutshell
  • Literature Review: Write and research
  • Academic writing: Tips and techniques
  • Data Analysis Guide for quantitative technique
  • Data Analysis guide for qualitative technique
  • Editor’s tips of revising your research document?
  • Published: How to get research papers published
  • Mixed data analysis
  • Meta-Analysis and systematic literature review
  • Discussion and conclusion writing tips
  • Facing the committee: Preparing for thesis defence
  • DBA programme: How to get started?
  • Citation and formatting guide for academic research?
  • SPSS and AMOS: Data analysis and structured equation modelling.
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VLSI Circuit Design using CNTFET and FINFETs  View
ASIC Design: RTL-GDSII Flow  View
Electronic Product Design  View
VLSI Design of High Speed Architectures  View
FPGAs for Signal & Image Processing  View
Design of ADC & DAC using MOSFETs  View


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If you love animals and science, then this field is for you. You can become a veterinarian. They are basically animal doctors who perform the functions of diagnosing and prescribing  ,

It is the field which provides students a broad understanding of applied engineering and a general knowledge of technological equipment’s, various methods and processes.

We offer these programs for contributing the students with a sound understanding of business functions and their inter-relationships. It includes all business and economic .

The field of computer science deals with the theory of computations applications and mainly with “Why” behind computer programs. By using the algorithms and advanced.

Hotel industry is one of the significant results of globalization. It is a service industry which mainly focuses on meeting the needs of its clients. By providing the training in,

This course deals with demand of the growing needs of experts in the field of Library Management and Administration, Book and Journal Procurement. This field

We believe that faculty of science is a place where students can research and educate themselves on science. Science is a study that connects the students with the nature in.

Field of great probability of employment opportunities in various fashion industries, filed scattered in luxury brands,and designer labels along with

Pharmacy is that branch of health science that mainly deals with the preparation and dispensing of drugs and it mainly concentrates on ensuring the safe and effective use of .

Physiotherapy is a science that helps to improve dysfunction and promote functions of the human body and optimal health. This treatment involves assessment, diagnosis, and treatment

We offer advanced liberal arts education to the eligible candidates with the elaborate lessons in writing, analysis and advancements oriented critical thinking. This study mainly ,

Mass communication is simply the study of spreading information to the maximum people through the various means of communication while on the other hand. Journalism is ,

Fire safety education is an important component of firefighter training and those students who are interested in fire safety education might consider a program in fire and safety .

It is the platform where students will be provided with the education in Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Science, to help human to control their emotions, remove fears, to improve their life

Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. It has been defined both as “the Science of Justice” and “the Art of Justice”.

Numerous students often confused by this question that paramedical really have any career or not but the Paramedics are those persons who are trained medical profess..,

Research and Development is the study for aspirants directed as the understanding of what something works or how it works. Teaching them to learn what is the meaning of short-term

Unani medicine is largely based on principles proposed by such physicians as Hippocrates and Galen. In addition, a number of Arab and Persian scholars (including the Arab philosopher and physicist Avicenna) have contributed to the development of Unani medicine.

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