Research & Development

      IRST is one of the largest multi-disciplinary R & D associations in India, It’s dedicated to contributing to Medical Science, Engineering & Technology, Management.

Team IRST provides research consultancy and technical advisors to researchers and academicians with a vast network of international experts to support Undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral researchers for completion for higher studies with proper professional guidance and academic support.

IRST -R&D refers to the work a business conducts for the innovation, introduction, and improvement of its products and procedures. It is a series of investigative activities to improve existing products and procedures or to lead to the development of new products and procedures.

IRST Supports

Academics-Institutions/Training Center

Industries -Technical Labs, Hands-on Training.

  • Under its contribution in the area of scientific and industrial research, the IRST has been recognized as a Scientific & Industrial Research Organization [SIRO] by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

  • IRST has been playing a critical role in defining excellence and setting up the benchmark for the upliftment of engineering education. The basic objective of the R&D initiative is to inculcate the culture of research in budding engineers so that they can contribute to the development of the nation.

  • Upliftment of engineering knowledge through research work

  • Grant-in-Aid scheme for R & D work to be carried out by the students of engineering colleges and universities

  • Inculcate the culture of research in the budding engineers for nation-building

  • Serve as a technology collaborator and facilitator

  • Emerge as a ‘category leader’ especially in the areas of undergraduate R&D funding

  • Disseminate the outcome of R&D projects through its publications for benefit of the engineering profession and the society


To be an organization of global excellence in pursuit of disseminating quality Education, Social work, and Research anchored with the blend of democratic values, charitable virtues, and philanthropic culture’.

  • To make research a significant activity involving staff, students, and society.
  • To stimulate to extend the frontiers of Research, through Conferences, Seminars, workshops, and Science Exhibition programs.

IRST-R&D Activities

1 Minor Research Projects MSEC 2012 Five projects funded every year
2 Major Research Projects MSEC 2012 Five projects funded every year
3 Sponsored Research Projects External Agency 2012 Four projects in process
4 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell External Agency 2013 The second-year is completed
5 Training and Consultancy MSEC 2013 Trained more than 100 students every year
6 Incubation Centre MSEC 2014 Four companies incubated
7 MSEC Book of Project Abstracts MSEC 2014 In process
8 MSEC Journal MSEC 2014 30 publications till date
9 Centre of Excellence In association with leading research organizations and funding agencies 2014 Four CEOs established
10 Creativity and Innovation Cell MSEC in association with Industries 2015 In process
11 IPR & Commercialization Cell In association with ANS IP and OMSPATENT 2015 8 patents filed and three commercialized
12 R&D News Letter MSEC 2015 In process
13 Product Design Cell MSEC 2015 To be established

IRST- R&D Team 

Electronics & Communication Engineering

# Name Expertise
1 Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj P. VLSI Design and Nano Electronics
2 Dr. Rehna Image Processing
3 Dr. Krishna Kumar Singh Embedded Systems
4 Ravi Kumar V. Cloud Computing, Big Data
5 Preshil M. Junghare Underwater Sensors
6 Azarthamma S. Image and Video Processing, Analog and Mixed-signal Design
7 Sruthy S. Android application, Networking and Software Development
8 Ravi Tuppad Android Application Development, Network Management,
9 Santhosh B. S. Web application development and Software Development
10 Avril D’mello Embedded System Design

Mechanical Engineering

# Name Expertise
1 Dr. Badarinarayan K. S. Industrial Engg. Management
2 Dr. Noor Ahmed R. Metal Casting Science & Engg.,
3 Dr. Madhusudhan E. E-manufacturing
4 Shiva Kumar CAD

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

# Name Expertise
1 Dr. Abraham George Renewable Energy, Power Electronics
2 Prof. Neelakantam Renewable Energy, High Voltage

Computer Science Engineering

# Name Expertise
1 Dr. Anand Kumar Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms
2 Dr. P. V. Reddy Cloud Computing, Big Data

Basic Science

# Name Expertise
1 Dr. Amita Somya Engineering Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
2 Prof. Krishna Kumar Radiation Hard Devices, Diodes
3 Prof. Ravi Shankar Electro-Chemistry
4 Prof. P. D. Devika Mathematical Modelling

Research Proposal


  1. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  2. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
  3. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)
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