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Modular Certification Courses

The courses consist of theory and practicals that are offered in fast track mode. The courses are offered during weekdays as well as weekends (Saturday and Sunday). During weekdays the classes will be scheduled for 3 hours, during weekends the classes will be for 6 hours in the fast track mode. The modular courses are for working professionals, students, and faculty members.

Following are the courses offered:
    • ASIC Front End Design and Verification
    • ASIC Physical Design and Verification
    • FPGA based Application Development
    • Matlab and Simulink
    • Embedded Systems
    • Automotive Embedded Systems
    • Mobile Applications Development
    • Image Processing and its Applications
    • Multimedia and SOC design
    • Analog and Mixed-Signal Design
    • Full Custom Layout and Verification
    • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
    • Android-based Applications Development
    • Linux Device Drivers
    • PC


  • ARM Controllers
  • DSP Processors
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Analog & Mixed-Signal Design
  • CMOS Technology & ASIC Design
  • Digital Image Processing
  • DSP Architecture
  • Embedded Java
  • Embedded Linux
  • Linux Device Driver
  • Linux Kernel Internals
  • Medical Imaging
  • Network Applications & Protocols
  • Neural Networks with Mat lab
  • Real-Time Systems Engineering

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