IRST Key Facts

The IRST is a world-leading professional organization sharing and advancing knowledge to promote science, engineering, and technology across the world.

The IRST is a professional home for life for engineers and technicians and a trusted source of essential engineering intelligence.

Our Structure

  • The Institution of Research Science and Technology (IRST-INDIA) has 12,000 members worldwide in 9 countries.
  • The IRST Funded and Associated by AISET-USA.
  • The IRST was formed in March 2013 by a merger of the Institution of AERA LABS (Amaravati Educational and Research Academy Labs).
  • The IRST is supported by the International society of science technology and management(ISSTM).
  • The Institution of Research Science and Technology is registered as a Society, MSME, and MCA  by India (no 2114).
  • IRST members operate almost 100 Local Networks as well as 21 Technical and Professional Networks.

The IRST is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of Engineers, Scientists, Technologists, and experts from research originations around the globe encompassing 65 various technical disciplines from all the fields of the education sector.

IRST provides a large membership who Believe in the advancement of engineering science and technology through R & D across the globe. The IRST shines with different aspects and approaches from other professional society or membership associations as it disseminates real-time information to organizations and individuals along with active participation from a larger pool of experts.

The IRST bears a dedicated management team working mutually with a clear sense of commitment, perspective, and direction in the best interest to achieve its aims as it is supported by a distinguished Board of Advisers to enrich its services, thereby offering the best support for members.

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