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Industrial Practices

We understand that every service sector has its own significance in the economy of a country. The management style, compensation norms, and hiring practices in these fields are so important in the recruitment of talented students.

For offering value-added services and specialized employees to companies, we have developed our expertise to understand different industries. Here are some of them –

Education has become one of the biggest sources of economic growth in the country.


Various economic centers are looking for management graduates, engineers, medical students, computer experts, and business development professionals Read More 

The engineering sector is one of the largest sectors that bring good revenue from foreign countries. On the other hand, same is active to help a good number of professionals to earn handsome amount of money per month.


Being among a significant industrial sector of India, this field is growing continuously. There are two parts of engineering- light engineering and heavy engineering. Read More 

FMCG in India is the fourth biggest sector in the economic structure having over 13.1 billion US $ as the total market size.


As the country is experiencing good growth in the FMCG sector for the last few years, marketing professionals have very good opportunities in this sector here. Read More 

The Telecom industry of India is counted among the fastest-growing markets of the world and it has written a glorious success story in the economy of the country.


In the growth of the country, this industry plays an important role and accounts for about 3.6 percent of total GDP in FY10. Read More 

 Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


Our country is experiencing continuous growth every New Year in the field of infrastructure. This sector is so significant in the country that about 40 percent of the country’s industrial output comes from this sector. Read More 

One of the fastest-growing service sectors of the country is comprised up of consumers and services. The retail industry of India brings revenue on the national and international level.

Consumer & Service

India has been ranked in the fourth position by GRDI 2011 as the most lucrative destination for retail business. Read More 

Hospitality is also a noteworthy service sector that cannot be ignored when it is being discussed about the economic sources of India.


This sector involves a wide list of services such as event planning, hoteling, lodging, theme parks, cruise lines, transportation, and the tourism sector, and so on. Read More 

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Electrical, Electronic & Energy

Whether it is about textiles or cement, power or electronic products, Indian secures a good position in the world-class ranking of electrical, electronic, and energy market. Read More 

The rise of endless TV channels and private FM radio administrators have made excitement and data accessible over the whole Indian scene.

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