• Rapid technical support. Call or e-mail and you can be in immediate contact with welding, joining, inspection, and asset management engineers supported by a team of information scientists. They can help answer the key technical questions that enable you to successfully apply technology and build quality and performance for your products.
  • A dedicated Membership account manager will work with you to identify your priorities from the range of support we offer and put you in touch with the right technical expert who can offer a solution.
  • Full access to state-of-the-art equipment in our facilities and laboratories – providing an invaluable extension to your own technical resources via R&D and consultancy support. Many OEMs are Industrial Members, allowing you access to the latest systems, coupled with our independence in identifying and applying the best technology for you.
  • Access and apply the results of our Core Research Programmer spanning decades through the support of a team of information scientists, and steer our current research – helping you to introduce new technologies and engineering solutions for your future products.
Type Fee for Applicants from India/Nepal (Including GST)

Fee for Applicants from any other Countries

First Time Enrollment

Rs. 6500

US$ 500

Corporate Membership



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