Integrated Incubation Collaboration Cell(IICC)

Centre of Excellence

We encourage our clients to build up their own community and infrastructure we are on the verge to establish a Centre of excellence R&D units in developing and developed educational Institutions, colleges, and universities in India.

IRST encourages budding entrepreneurs to apply to us for incubation. We aim to focus on incubation support to “technology” start-ups (technology shouldn’t be confused as Information Technology only). However, we are open to exploring ideas in other fields and will be happy to evaluate your business plan.


You can send e-APPLICATION (and business plan) to


Your business plan should crisply cover the following aspects:

  1. The problem you are solving
  2. Your value proposition – how do you solve customer’s problem
  3. What enables you – the magical technology or business model innovation that differentiates you
  4. Your revenue model – how will you make money, pricing, etc.
  5. Sales and Marketing Strategy – how do you plan to spread the word around about your solution, how would you sell it?
  6. Management Team – Who are the main team members and advisors
  7. Financial projections – What are your cashflow projections – expenses and revenues? How much money do you need to raise as an investment? When would you start breaking even operationally?


Research Partnership

Team IRST provides research consultancy and technical advisors to researchers and academicians with a vast network of international experts in all areas of science, engineering, and technologies.

We support postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers for completion of higher studies with proper professional guidance and academic support. Our renowned experts with wizards of science support corporates companies and industries to troubleshoot technical challenges. Relieving our researchers from financial constraints is our priority, which makes us work with our research funding scheme to support innovation in India.

Students, researchers, academicians, and professionals are encouraged to reach us for a proposal of research funding. Our commitments and dedication to the transformation of technology reinformed with our R&D consultancy and services.

IRST-Incubation Cell -INDIA Application 


All Colleges, Universities, Engineering Research Institutes, and Organizations in India can apply for Institutional Collaboration. Institution of Research Science and Technology welcomes applications from Colleges and Universities for collaboration to work together for academic advancement and research development in the fields of Engineering and Technology. Institutional Collaboration is a relationship of great mutual benefit to both. Institution of Research Science and Technology team helps for the Academic development has a history of meaningful, collaboration and partnerships that reflect the values of the academic community.

Benefits of Collaboration

  • The institution of Research Science and Technology Group will be conducting an international conference every year at the college campus to provide a world-class forum and scope for research development and promotion.
  • We will be conducting a series of workshop for the student to reduce the gap between academic and practical implementation of the curriculum
  • Concession in professional membership: Faculties and professionals of College can avail our professional membership at nominal membership fees
  • Concession in student membership the organization will be granted a concession to the students to apply for student membership.
  • Faculties and students can avail concession on registration fees at conferences, workshops, and other world-class events conducted by the Institution of Research Science and Technology Group at different colleges and cities in India as well as abroad.
  • Students and faculties of college can avail concession for publication for a research paper at our highly cited journals and transactions
  • Research Talks: We will be appointing eminent members from abroad, IITs, IISc, PSUs, and leading industries to interact with faculties and students of the College every year.
  • The institution of Research Science and Technology Group will be conducting industrial visit programs for students
  • The institution of Research Science and Technology Group will be establishing I-Center of excellence at college campus with full infrastructure of Mac systems were the research activities could be initiated, developed and globalized with a world-class infrastructure for research and development
  • The institution of Research Science and Technology Group will be providing necessary supports to the college to avail funds under its research funding scheme [RF

IRST-INDIA Incubation Cell


Space from 100 to 1000 sq ft free of cost for the first two years/company

Total space available; 30000 sq ft

Access to BroadBand

Video conferencing facilities

Conference Room & Meeting Rooms

Pantry facility

Indoor game facility

Training center

Guidance towards getting grants / loan etc. through DST/DBT/MSME/TDB/Ministry of Communication & IT etc.

Help to get copyright & patents

Mentors to provide guidance

Networking with Angel Investors / Venture Capitalists etc

Location: All IRST Campus.

Get Associated For Collaboration

MOU College Collaboration

MOU Student Chapter

Conference Collaboration

Publication Collaboration

Scientific Activities at our collaboration

International Conferences

Scientific Events and meetings



Seminars / Webinars

Research Talks

Training Programs

Research Funding

Research Club

Tech Fest




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