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Topic and Ph.D. Research Proposal

No journey can start without knowing where you want to reach and how. Similarly, a Ph.D. thesis cannot start without establishing what you wish to achieve and what particular issues you wish to address through such research.

Topic Ideas for PhD

The topic must be suggestive of your intentions through the research and appeal to the academic fraternity. In general, your topic should be:

  1. Unique: The question you want to answer must be original. Don’t repeat what others have said before.
  2. Meaningful: your topic, along with being interesting and original, must be significant to the area of knowledge. It must have an impact on the way the society or industry functions.
  3. Encourage further research: Your topic must encourage others to take up similar research considering other dimensions of the issue. If this is not the case, your work is less likely to be cited by other scholars.

Don’t choose a topic just because it is in trend; it may lose the charm by the time you finish your research. Stay away from topics that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Lastly, gauge your interest level in the research question. Topic selection can be highly confusing for Ph.D. candidates and getting trustworthy advice from qualified guides can be a blessing.

Research Proposal

Once you finalize the topic for your research, the next step is to develop the research proposal. You have to come up with a proposal that provides absolute clarity to your committee about the final dissertation that you will present. As a framework of the research project, the proposal must talk about the following:

  • literature resources that you will refer to
  • data collection methods and sample size
  • research methods, theories used, assumptions, and validity issues
  • data analysis methods and tools you will use
  • probable results and conclusions

Though the actual length of the proposal will depend on the guidelines of your committee, it must not be more than 25-30 pages.

When you consult our team for selecting the most suitable topic or writing the proposal, we will discuss your field of interest and suggest the topic accordingly. Further, we will assign a writer who will draft the proposal according to the guidelines specified. You may get in touch with our team at

  • The interest of a researcher and his/her domain of specialization
  • The exclusivity of a topic to make a project unique
  • Scope of exploring a topic and conducting original research
  • Viability of covering a topic within a specified time
  • Estimated costs involved in research on a topic
  • Skills, subject knowledge, and research capabilities of a researcher
  • The likely contributions of research done on a topic

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Problem Statement Development for PhD

For a Ph.D. thesis, the problem statement may be the linking pin for readers and reviewers. It is what communicates to the reader the crux of the entire study in terms of a question and a probable answer. Hence, it must be clear, crisp, and rather attractive. Your problem statement will ensure that the readers be interested in going through your entire report.

This statement is a part of the introduction of a thesis. This is how you should go about writing your problem statement:
  • Present the problem

The first step is to explain what you have chosen to study and more importantly, why? Explain the ideal situation and point out the deficits or impediments to such conditions that you wish to address through your research. The rationale for the study needs to be clearly communicated to justify in-depth research.

  • Provide evidence

To stress the seriousness of the issue, you must back the problem with reliable data. A problem statement is only effective when supported by authentic factual data. The sources of such evidence must be well-cited as footnotes or appendices.

  • Propose the solution

After stating the problem emphatically, present the solution derived as a result of the study. Here, the solution is not presented in detail but rather concisely just to indicate the success of the research. This way, the readers know what conclusions to expect. The methodology used to conclude is also worth mentioning here.

  • Polish the statement

As with every section, thorough revision and editing of the problem statement is a must. The problem statement should be free from any loopholes in terms of facts and figures, language, or format. All frivolous details must be removed and essential facts must be highlighted. You must also stay within the word limit that is prescribed by your college or thesis committee.

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